Smart Time



Attendance Management and Control

  • 100% web application environment
  • Multi-User | Multi-Station
  • Data base in SQL Server
  • Service for collecting records from attendance devices,  remote configuration of devices
  • Schedule time management for flexible, cycle, rotating, automatic, exempt, continuous journeys and by scale, copying, drag schedules, individual or group annual holiday marking, marking pre-justified absences (ex. Medical absence) customized processing by department or employee between dates, clearance of normal work or automatic supplements, accumulated calculation (absences or extras) per employee, department or all institution. Justification of absences, justification of extras, analyze the annual absences graphically (by color) analyze the attendance records made, objectives and balances by employee, Automatic attendance records, pause periods, external services at terminals with prior justification (available on some models)
  • Possibility of interaction with web employees and managers portal
  • Several and diverse maps of assiduity management developed in crystal report and totally open to be customized by your institution or by us at SmarStep. Maps with filters by date, department, employees and absence codes or additional work of: Vacation, Holydays, Abscesses, Supplement hours, accumulated hours, pauses, irregular, daily balances, weekly and monthly

  • Export of all the maps to pdf, Word, Excel, txt

  • The software is developed in technology .net and C#

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